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Can you name the Disney characters from their descriptions?

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A snow queen.
A girl in a tower with really long hair.
A forgetful fish.
A bear who loves honey.
She falls down a rabbit hole.
A chipmunk.
Lives with seven dwarves.
Wants to steal 101 Dalmations.
A personal healthcare companion.
A girl that kisses a frog and becomes one.
An emotion that's really happy.
A wooden boy whose nose grows longer when he lies.
A flying elephant.
A fairy who flies with Peter Pan.
A toy cowboy that can secretly move.
Talking Snowman who loves summer.
A stripey fish.
A nanny with a flying umbrella.
A Native American princess.
A man inside a video game who wrecks things.
Lives in a castle with a beast and grows to love him.
A talking candlestick.
Wants to be human and not live under the sea.
A famous mouse.
A rat.
A red car.
A green alien with one eye.
A skeleton that lives in Halloween town.
A dog.
A girl who pretends to be a man.
A young girl who has a fairy godmother.
A little girl who befriends a blue alien.
A princess that is taken on a magic carpet ride.
A princess who sleeps for a long time.
A lion that grows up to be a king.

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