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'For Adam was first formed, then ______.'
Which country did Joseph and Mary flee to in order to escape King Herod?
Where did God place a flaming sword to keep people out of a garden?
What did Jesus heal on Malchus after Peter cut it off with a sword?
'Love your _______, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that...'
Who was filled with the Holy Spirit after a baby leaped in her womb?
'As far as the ______ is from the west, so far has [God] removed our transgressions from us.'
Isaac loved him because he ate his father's venison, but Rebekah loved Jacob.
Light came into the world, but men preferred darkness because their deeds were what?
When an angel rolled away the stone from Jesus's tomb, it caused one of these.
When Jesus was transfigured, the apostles saw Him talking with Moses and whom?
In Nebuchadnezzar's seven years of insanity, his hair grew as long as these feathers.
Where did Saul go to speak to Samuel's ghost?
Aaron asked the Israelites for golden these, so he could melt them and build a calf.
Complete the riddle: 'Out of the _____er, something to _____; out of the strong, something sweet.'
Where did Jesus put some mud He had made with his own saliva?
Who walked with God, and then was 'taken', never seeing death?
This left handed man lost his own weapon in some belly fat.
Who dozed off during one of Paul's sermons and fell out a window?
A dead man was brought back to life after his body touched this prophet's skeleton.
Which young man rebuked Job and his friends after they were finally through debating?
Which sorcerer did Paul call a 'child of the devil'?
'If I perish, I perish!' - who said this?
When Samuel was sent to find a new king, he thought God chose this oldest brother of David. WRONG!
Which of the seven Asian churches 'left their first love'?
Who rescued Jeremiah from the cistern?
He walked in a river that was ankle deep, knee deep, waist deep, and then too deep to swim further.
Jesus healed a deaf man by saying this word, meaning 'Be opened!'
Which king of Israel was assassinated while he was drunk?
Jesus made the point that no father gives their son a scorpion when he had asked for one of these.
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