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' so he and the scarf of sexual preference aren't going to be back until next year'
'oh man not snape I thought they fired that guy'
'professor... Can like a person be a portkey?'
'hermione granger shut your ungodly lopsided mouth and quit interupting!'
'I simply farted once more'
'youll be having a dream that your eating a giant marshmellow but really you'll wake up amd your favourite goose feather pillow will be missing'
'what are you nuts .. beautiful more like super mega foxy awesome hot'
'put on a pair of wizard shorts and grab your tunique'
'accio doublestuff'
'alright you throw in a pack of bugles and you got yourslef a deal'
'Dancing is for Panzy's'
'everytime i look at her i have these pains in my chest and i just know its her fault.. that b*tch'
'dont make me laugh im pissing!'

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