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QUIZ: Can you name the Pixar film when the plot is explained badly?

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Badly Explained PlotFilm
Independent girl puts faith in a crazy woman, while desperately trying to fix some cloth.
Man's mid-life crisis endangers his whole family and a whole city
Boy gets washed in floods and makes a friend despite the size difference
Everyone cries, and then man defies physics to pursue dream, until he discovers a stowaway and befriends two creatures.
Depressd, widowed father teams up with mentally unstable woman to find his disabled son
Two grown men abduct a child and run away from the government
Ambitious young man pursues dream job by controlling a hopeless yet more privileged fool
Man endangers whole community with annihilation from a higher race, before setting out to help them, only to find a circus act
Badly Explained PlotFilm
Celebrity becomes lost in a town full of crazy people
Lonely man spends his time cleaning before stalking a woman way out of his league
Community faces abandonment, then faces torture by small child, then faces imprisonment, then faces being burnt to death.
Man travels world to take part in competition where people keep on internally combusting
Man gets stolen from his home but decides he likes it better, before reluctantly getting rescued.
Expelled rivals befriend misfits and become friends
Friends fail to keep girl emotionally stable
Arrogant man defends his pride against a fantasizing spaceman, while the whole community escapes a torturer

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