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Can you name the classic film when the plot is explained badly?

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Forced Order
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Badly Explained PlotFilm
A guy learns to love a girl without her Instagram Filters
A boy befriends a bearded hermit and two gay robots, goes into space, snogs his sister and kills his dad
Reclusive weirdo and his mutant employees lure children into his factory with sweets then dispose of them one by one
A young woman is tricked into helping a gang of violent illegal immigrants
Boy learns to dance, with no effect on pit closure.
A lot of people take the Ice Bucket Challenge. It doesn't end well.
Old man pretends to teach teenage boy karate to make him do chores
An underage girl runs away from a Kansas farm with 3 unemployed drifters, does drugs and goes on a killing spree
Badly Explained PlotFilm
This girl turns everything to ice and you will NEVER GET THAT SONG OUT OF YOUR HEAD PLEASE MAKE IT STOP
Boy spends 7 years being third wheel
Illegal immigrant chased by the feds
Innocent staff turned into teapot, clock & candlestick rely on Stockholm Syndrome to save themselves & loved ones
A very old looking teenage girl wears hotpants & learns to smoke to win her boyfriend back. Then they sing
Patrick Stewart sets up a school for dangerous adolescents where none of the staff have any teaching qualifications.
Half-fish, half-woman sells vocal chords to kiss random bloke

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