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Can you name the Volpone Quotations Act II?

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'To observe ___... I'd mark___...the ebbs___' (6, 6, 4)Sir Politic being a nob
'____ ____' (2)Snobbish description of the Italian language
'This it is that...' (5)More snobbery from Sir Pol
'Pity his...of Europe' (7)Mountebanks; Sir Pol being a fop
'___ ___...___ ___...___ ___ ___ ___' (2, 2, 4)Scoto of Mantuano trying to make his statements credible using these official figures
'Pray you, ___' (1)Too much of this going on...
'Blood o' the...I shall be new-christened...' (4, 6)Angry cos cuckolded
'My better...All's at...___' (5, 2, 1, 2)Volpone giving himself to Mosca without knowing
'Were they gulled...' (7)Volpone more interested in his game
'I'll ___ a's a ___...And, now I think on't, I will...' (1,1,3)Corvina the sexual sadist
'They are all ___ of art...may ___ us all' (3,1)Prostitutes are too cunning
'She shall...' (3)Corvino agrees to **** out his wife
'My conscience...wit' (2)Convincing himself he's doing thy right thing

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