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Quotation (No. words)AnswerHint
PROLOGUE 'mix...' (4)Mixture to write a cheeky play
'from no...' (4)Jonson makes his own rules
SCENE 1 'Good morning...saint'(15)Classic, easy opener
'Hail...thou...' (8)Homonym on 'sun' and currency, Coltella loves it
'Struck out of...' (8)Naughty allusion to genesis chapter 1
'Thou being...' (15)Nice Blake comparison - money vs family
'Riches, the dumb god...' (16)No hint needed
'Who shall get thee...' (7)Volpone's idea of virtue
'Riches are in fortune...' (8)wisdom? nature?
'I glory more...' (12)Mario DiGangi (tidy comparison)
'This makes men...' (2)Another way of saying 'watch me'
'Send me plate ___ (which they expect each greedy minute) ___' (8,7)Bit long
'Letting the...and back again' (11)1st bit of temptation
SCENE 2 'I know him...' (3)Must happen all the time...
'All of my birds...' (7)vulture, kite, raven, gor-crow etc
'Of what...' (1)Synonym for 'size'
'' (20)Church is full of donkeys
'Now my feigned cough...' (10)Supposed illnesses
SCENE 3 'Do you...sir?' (2)Look at No. 11, too much of this in Blake's London
'I do beseech you sir...' (9)Mosca lying to Voltore
'___...___...___' (3, 5, 3)Fill the gaps (lawyers are slimy bastards)
Quotation (No. words)AnswerHint
'Swim in...' (8)2nd bit of temptation
'Keep...' (3)Bit of imperative (Mosca > Volpone)
'The vulture's gone...' (5)Corbaccio's on his way
SCENE 4 'Stand there...' (2)Another cheeky allusion to Genesis
'...his grave' (4)Alliteration
'They flay...' (6)Doctors
'They kill...' (7)Doctors again
'his eyelids ___...a freezing ___...his pulse ___...a cold ___' (1,1,4,1) Mosca describing Volpone's symptoms
'Oh, ___...___...'Tis ___...good ___...Ha!' (1,1,1,2)Corbaccio getting off on Volpone's symptoms
'Sure I shall...again' (6)'Greed is the energy that drives us'
'Tis aurum...' (4)Bit of Latin
'___ by ___' (1,1)Alliteration Double D
'that ___ shall make it much more ___' (1,1)Blake's motif
'I know thee ___' (1)Irony because Mosca is the opposite
'Oh, I shall...' (9)Overflowing?
'I do but...' (4)Nature vs nurture
'What a rare...itself' (4)Ironic as Volpone is greedy himself
'___ ___ ___' (1,1,1)One of Coltella's favourites - everything is completely fabricated
SCENE 5 'Why, this is better than ___...Or fat, by eating ___' (3,4) Convincing himself he's not too bad
'blazing ___...bright lovely ___' (3,3,3)Celia
'I must ___...through ___...' (2,4)Very myopic almost like Frank

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