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Can you name the The most random impossible questions?

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What country's president has the least money?
Which country poos the most in the world(Per capita)?
What's the most hairy animal in the world?
What does the longest village name in the world tranlslate in English to?
Where is the dirtiest man from?
Where is the man with the biggest feet in the world from?
What animal produced the loudest fart ever recorded?
How many fingers and toes owns the person with the world record of most owned toes and fingers combined?
How many times has someone been struck with lightning?(world record)
How old is the oldest turtle in the world?
How many people has the worst killer ever killed?
Heaviest man. What did he weigh in stone?
How many piercings has the most pierced person?
What was Pablo Picasso's full name?
Who has the most followers in Twitter?

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