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Forced Order
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Train wreck. Here we, here we go again. Derailed and I failed to mention, I put it all behind.
Was it worth it? Was it perfect? When you up and left me cynical?
Two kids, no consequences, Pull a trigger, without thinking, There's only on way down this road.
Take a part of gravity that's holding me down, Make a point to find a resolution to be my own solution.
Now I don't frequent the LBC, 'Cause I'm a bit too pale to run that scene.
You're trigger-happy at harbor side, You're taking shots at the strangers passing
'Cause when it hurts, it hurts, You wonder if it's worth it.
'Cause it's a battlefield 'til it blows over, Keep you friends close and your enemies closer
You, are a shining example of why I don't sleep at all
think some dude just grabbed my junk, Now I know how Ke$ha must be feelin'
I wish you could see your face right now, 'Cause you're grinning like a fool
Break another mirror to keep away the stares, Of another guilty reflex, a reflection left in tears.
Now there's a piece of me, Tells me I should leave, Every time I see your face.
They say I'm losing my mind, I thought that for a while.
Two plastic hearts with nowhere to run, We're rolling the dice on whatever's left,

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