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Can you name the progressively harder questions from the category Word Origins on the television show Jeopardy?

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This part of an egg gets its name from the Old English for 'yellow'$200
The name of this reference book has the same roots as 'treasure'--& don't give us a synonym for it$200
Once a carnival performer who bit the heads off chickens, today it often refers to a computer nerd$200
Not to skirt the issue, but the name of this Scottish garment goes back to Middle English$200
The Old Norse word 'vindauga' gave us this pane-ful word for an opening in a wall$400
The name of this manual computing device is from the Greek abax, or 'counting board'$400
This word for a self-service restaurant evolved from the Spanish for 'coffee shop'$400 says this term for rap music & culture came from DJs jumping between turntables$400
This word for a long-noosed rope used to catch cattle & horses is from the Spanish la reata, 'the rope'$600
The word 'drama' comes from the Greek for this verb, which as a noun also means one section of a drama$600
This term for one who willfully destroys another's property comes from the name of a Germanic tribe$600
The opposite of nadir, it's from the Arabic for 'road above'$600
The name of this fine, soft leather is the French word for Sweden; Sweden was famous for gloves made of it$800
The name of this ballroom dance with gliding turns comes from German for 'roll' or 'turn'$800
Used to describe stately mansions of the old south, it's from the Latin for 'before the war'$800
This insect's name is derived from the superstition that it enters a sleeping person's aural organs$800
The general agreement is that this word meaning a majority of opinion is from the Latin for 'to feel together'$1000
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This term for a minor engagement in war traces its origins back to the old Italian word scaramuccia$1000
The name of this musical instrument comes from Greek words for 'wood' and 'voice'$1000
This name for a type of flask invented by James Dewar in 1892 became a trademark$1000
My gardener told me we don't need to plant; all my flowers are this type, from the Latin for 'through the year'$1200
This word for the art & science of good eating goes back to Greek for 'belly'$1200
From the Latin for 'to come to mind', it's a memento that you might buy as a reminder of a place you visited$1200
This word for a blob or lump, perhaps of whipped cream, may come from dolpur, Icelandic for 'fat man'$1200
The name of this type of aircraft is from 2 Greek words meaning 'spiral wing'$1600
This term for a novice or beginner is from Latin & Greek for 'newly planted'$1600
From the Latin for 'much writing', it's another name for a lie detector test$1600
The French for 'to throw' gives us this word for a pier$1600
This word came from a European people who were often conquered & in servitude during the Middle Ages$2000
From the Italian for 'of a cave', this adjective today refers to anything strange or ugly$2000
This term for a leading character of a literary work comes from the Greek for 'first combatant'$2000
A type of ear implant to help the deaf, it's from the Greek for 'snail'$2000
Meaning to ascribe predetermined characteristics, this word comes from a printing process using metal platesFINAL JEOPARDY!

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