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Facial ____What a moustache is defined as
Upper ___Where a moustache is grown
_____ RazorFirst tool used for shaving, making the 'moustache' possible
Moustache ___A stiff pomade used to hold the hairs in place, especially at the extremities
____ and CheeksThe areas that must be shaved to keep a moustache from becoming a full beard
Fu ______Moustache Style: Long, with downward pointing ends, generally past the chin
______ MoustacheMoustache Style: Narrow, straight, and thin, outlining the upper lip
______barMoustache Style: Bushy, with small upward pointing ends
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Frida _____Famous Moustacher: This woman was a famous, self taught Mexican painter, who embraced her moustache, including it in her self portraits, as well as a unibrow
Adolf ______Famous Moustacher: This man, famous for his 'Toothbrush' moustache, is better remembered for begging WW2
Charlie _______Famous Moustacher: This English comic actor, best known for the silent film era, also was famous for his 'Toothbrush' moustache. Unfortunately, it was artificial most of his life
Mark _____Famous Moustacher: This retired American swimmer won 7 golds at the 1972 Olympic games sprouting a moustace. When asked why he didn't shave it to reduce drag, he replied that created a pocket of air for him to breate
Scythian ________The oldest artifact depicting a moustache is from 300 B.C. It shows one of these men
Hellenistic _____The word 'Moustache' can be traced back ultimatley to a diminutive of this language
_________ CupA drinking cup with a semicircular ledge inside, used to keep the moustache dry while drinking

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