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Can you name the correct Ferengi words for these ?

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HintFerengi WordNotes
(to) servesee: wife
wiferhymes with 'brother' (Fer.)
Ferengi titleapproximately 'captain'
ship typewarship, transport, attack vessel
(to) inheritsee: brother
brotherrhymes with 'wife' (Fer.)
Ferengi soft drinkrunner-up
Ferengi planetthe homeworld
(to take a) leakalso: inventor of waste extractors
alienslit. 'bank accounts without brains'
severe rainstormone of 178 words for rain!
race on Ferengi homeworld(nowadays) worm-like creatures
prestigious schoolbusiness academy
humanpresumably Ferengi adaptation
ship namecaptained by Tog
ship namecaptained by Bractor
HintFerengi WordNotes
ship namecaptained by Bok
more precious than goldtreasured by all Ferengi
childpresumably English adaptation
one who does somethingsuffix; not a full word
motherRom's favourite word?
title of authoritypresumably English adaptation
thank you
let's go!
ear 'massage'
(it) worked!similar to Klingon qapla'?
Ferengi soft drinkbest-seller!
(to) turn around financiallyalso: intrepid F.C.A. agent
ship namecaptained by Nunk

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