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Can you name the Who Survives to the end? Movie Spoilers?

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Spoilers Abound.
How Many of The '300' Spartans survive the battle of Thermopylae in '300'?
Speaking of 300, should we count that weird hunchback guy as one of the 300?
How Many of the 'Seven Samurai' (1954) Survive the final battle?
Of the '13 Assassins,' how many are alive at the end?
How Many of the 'Magnificent 7' Survive?
There are 9 members of the 'Fellowship of the Ring.' How many are alive to hug each other for 45 minutes at the end of 'Return of the King?
Name one of the members who dies (if any)
How Many of the 19 cops from the beginning of 'The Raid: Redemption' Make it to the film's conclusion?
5 of Pike's men go into the compound at the end of 'The Wild Bunch.' How many survive?
In 'Alien' The Nostromo has seven crew members - how many make it to the end?
...That andwer didn't include the cat, which does survive. Name it:
Arnie is the leader of a gang of 7 in Predator, how many of them make it to the chopper?
Does the girl, Anna, also survive?
Spoilers Abound.
Is this an example of tokenism?
In the original 'Planet of the Apes,' four astronauts are on the ship. How many survive to scream at statues?
.... Should we count the guy with the lobotomy as 'alive'?
In the original 'Texas chainsaw massacre,' how many of the 5 Perky young teens do we know are alive at the film's conclusion?
... Should we count the guy in the freezer as alive?
In 'Sanjuro', the title character allies himself with 9 samurais. Of the ten, how many are alive at the end?
9 of the 'Warriors' head to the meeting at the beginning of the movie. How many make it back home?
If you can, 'ladyfriend' that tags along with them:
In 'Aliens', the crew of the Sulaco is 14. How many are around to go into hypersleep at the film's end?
There is also a child who comes with them, name her:
'The Dirty Dozen' sends 14 men to the mission. How many make it to England?
There are 4 adult male Corleones in the first Godfather movie. How many make it to the end?
What is the last name of the adopted son, Tom, who you may be thinkong of for question 23?

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