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Can you name the common word(s) in these song titles?

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1st musical cluecommon word(s)2nd musical clue
Beyonce told ______ 'Ladies' to 'Put a Ring on It'Barbara Mandrell was 'Sleeping _______ In a Double Bed'
Dave Edmunds sang 'I Hear You _________'Guns N' Roses tried ______ 'on Heavens Door'
Enrique Iglesias sang of this personBonnie Tyler was 'Holding Out for a ______'
Elton John said _____'Can't Buy You Love'Three Dog Night said ______ 'Told Me Not to Come'
Gordon Lightfoot gave us 'Carefree _______'America sang of a 'Ventura ________'
Soggy Bottom Boys sang 'I am a Man of _____ sorrowk.d. lang had a _______ 'Craving'
Scott McKenzie said to 'Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair' thereTony Bennett left his heart there
Lady GaGa had a _____ 'Romance'Robert Palmer said it was a _____ 'Case of Loving You'
1st musical cluecommon word(s)2nd musical clue
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam were 'Lost in _______'Destiny's Child and Samantha Sang were just singing about '________'
Yes was an 'Owner of a ______ Heart'J. D. Souther sang that 'You're Only _____'
Guns N' Roses said 'Welcome to the' _____Steve Miller Band had _______'Love'
Ke$ha says 'Your Love is My _____'Huey Lewis & The News sang 'I Want a New ______'
Culture Club's was a 'Chameleon'John Lennon's was 'Instant'
Maroon 5 sang of 'Sunday _______'Cat Stevens sang '_______ Has Broken'
Bad Company sang about a 'Rock 'N' Roll' ______For Billy Joel, it was 'Sometimes a _______'
For Genesis, it was ________ 'Touch'For the Police, it was _______ 'Sun'

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