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Can you name the famous men named Jim??

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HintJim Who?
Host of CNBC's Mad Money
Former Cleveland Browns running back who averaged more than 100 yards per game over his career
Sports broadcaster who has his own show on ESPN
CBS sports broadcaster who currently covers both the NFL and The Masters
A fictional character whose name was used to identify several laws limiting the freedom of African Americans
Founder of the People's Temple that committed one of the largest mass suicides in history
American army colonel who has a whiskey brand named after him
Actor from According to Jim whose brother was famous for his role in Animal House
First baseman who started his career with the Cleveland Indians and is one of the all-time leaders on the home run list
HintJim Who?
Creator of The Muppets and Fraggle Rock
Actor famous for his role in The Passion of the Christ
Actor appearing in movies such as Liar, Liar and The Cable Guy
Astronaut played by Tom Hanks in Apollo 13
Fictional character on The Office
Comedian known for his album, Beyond the Pale, and jokes about Hot Pockets
Famous mountain man referred to by Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds-'Now I am the direct descendant of mountain man...'
Lead singer and lyricist of The Doors
Cartoonist that created the comicstrip Garfield

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