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You're killin me Smalls!; baseball1993
Either get busy living or get busy dying; prison1994
Funny how?; Henry Hill1990
What's in the box?; sloth, greed, vengence...1995
Trees coming to life to fight the white wizard2002
Stuck in the Middle with you; cut the ear off a cop1992
Lybians want their plutonium back; Biff hates manure1985
a test of manhood is throwing a rock the farthest; Scotland1995
Father and son look for the holy grail; junior hates snakes1989
Nakatomi Plaza Building; NY Cop in LA1988
DeNiro would've had a clean getaway if he didn't have to stop and kill Waingro1995
Forced to play Russian Roulette by the Vietcong1978
Deadly Viper Assassination Squad; The Bride; Sword fight in the snow2003
Six fingered man; the Dread Pirate Roberts1987
It's not your fault...It's not your fault...It's not your fault...It's not your fault...1997
Zombies; the Winchester; comedy2004
Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Leeloo1997
a bird duct-taped together; Samsonite, Sea Bass, 'How's your burger?'1994
Dolphins; laces out; Captain Winkie!1994
Ex-Presidents; surfing; skydiving1991

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