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Can you name the movie for each letter of the alphabet from the given clues?

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Ableeds acid; 'Get away from her, you BITCH!'
Bflux capacitor; '1.21 Gigawatts?'
CSnake man; 'To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.'
D'You can't triple stamp a double stamp'
E'Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf herder.'
FMing, Klytus, Dale Arden, Vultan
GKing of the Monsters
HHockey+Golf; Shooter McGavin, Chubbs
IChilled monkey brains; 'Kali ma... Kali ma... Kali ma, shakthi deh! '
JAmity Island; Spielberg
KWe're going to play a wonderful game called... 'Who is my daddy and what does he do?'
LVampires; the corey's
Mthe 'One'; dodging slow motion bullets
Ndon't sleep,; boiler room; grab your crucifix
OHit Me. Hit Me. Hit Me.; Nurse Ratched; Big Chief
P6 fingered man; Andre the Giant; Buttercup
QJames Bond; Camille
SDark Helmet; The Schwartz
TCallahan Auto, 'Holy Schnikey's!'
UJohn Candy; giant birthday pancake for Macaulay Culkin
Vburied alive; Jeff Bridges takes a shovel to the mouth
WBilly Hoyle; Gloria the Jeopardy queen; basketball
XMutants; Storm; Professor X
YHockey; Derek Sutton; Heaver
Zboardgame; Astronaut
1Whole bunch of dogs; 1996
2Space; Leave Europa alone
3This is SPARTA!
4temporary paroled convict helps a cop; whole lot of f-bombs; 1982

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