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Forced Order
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Pessimistic View of PlotMovie TitleNotable Actor/Actress
Two people die on the way, then lots more die needlessly so he can stay with his buddies another dayTom Hanks
Guy tries helping people and ends up getting framed by his closest allyGary Oldman
Guy dies trying to protect her, she gets romantic with guy who had him killed in returnDemi Moore
Guy tries to free people, his friends watch his execution and do nothing to save himMel Gibson
Kills dozens of people, but lets the cat live? Wtf?Christian Bale
Guy is wasting god given talent, then has promise, then goes back to wasting talent for a semi attractive girl who ditched himBen Affleck
Guy ruins plan to save the world because he likes writing in his diaryBilly Crudup
Poor police officer gets murdered by fellow cop after killing main bad guy and saving the dayMark Wahlberg
Guy spends fortune trying to recover sentimental jewelry for old lady, listens to her long boring story, then she lies to him and discards it in oceanLeonardo DiCaprio
Most talented member of group keeps getting passed up for promotion, naturally gets bitter, then tries saving wifes life. Gets dismembered by his friend for tryingNatalie Portman

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