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Can you complete the Starcraft-themed (5-letter) word ladder?

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Clue5-letter words
Protoss buliding: _______ beacon; or
a group of naval vessels
Runs away from
Flying pests
Plural acronym for forward-looking infrared
Behave as though attracted to or trying to attract someone
A hard gray rock consisting of nearly pure chert
Barely perceptible
A colored substance spread over a surface
Raven feature: _______-defense drone; or
the sharp end of an object
A connection point in a structure, mechanical or biological
Brings together
Nickels, dimes, quarters, etc.
Food grown on stalks, or
painful areas of thickened skin
Central parts
A device to remove an apple core
Clue5-letter words
Crouch down in fear
Terran detection building: sensor _______; or
a tall narrow building
Someone who smokes
Puffs from a cigarette
Archaic spelling of torus
Wrongful acts
Fortified buildings
A strong point; or
in music, loud
Protoss building for upgrades; or
shape an object by heating and beating
A body of type secured in a chase for printing
Visible shapes or configurations
Places where food is grown or animals reared
Heats up
A protoss unit _______ in near a pylon; or
an object becomes bent or twisted out of shape

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