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Can you complete the Starcraft-themed (5-letter) word ladder?

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Clue5-letter words
A zerg harvester; or
to do something mindlessly
likely or liable to
A telecommunication device
Past tense of next rung
What the sun does all day
Zerg ground-attacking structure: _______ crawler; or
a series of vertebrae
Zerg building for flying units; or
a church tower
Zerg anti-air structure: _______ crawler; or
a haploid reproductive cell
Extra or excess
Archaic past tense of swear; or
compass direction + plural of 'is'
The zerg army is known as the _______; or
a dense group of insects
An expanse of short grass; or
perhaps short for southward
A long, sharp weapon
Regular past tense of swear
A shopping place
To look fixedly or vacantly at someone or something
One of 50 in the USA
Clue5-letter words
Metamorphic rock easily split into smooth, flat pieces
A food-serving dish
A location
The absence of war
A pinkish-yellow fruit, or its color
To stretch out an arm
A basic zerg unit that can move while burrowed; or
an annoying insect: cock_______
The person that leads a sports team
A stone, or to kill by stoning
A sharp sound or series of sounds
A surface defect or failure; or
to break without separating
An earthenware pot or jar
The sound a frog makes
The sound a squeaky door makes
A stream or brook
The purple gooey material under zerg buildings; or
move very slowly or carefully

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