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Can you complete the Starcraft-themed (5-letter) word ladder?

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Clue5-letter words
A protoss harvester; or
to explore or examine
Demonstrate the truth or existence of something
Proton _______, a 2014 Malaysian car
To annoy; or
a cause of annoyance
The president of a village or town council
To rob or thieve; or
Rhode Island + night before a holiday
A device to filter or sift something
A type of tank in Starcraft; or
an army encompassing a city
To sear or burn lightly
The bird chirps and _______ when the sun rises
SC II: _______ of Liberty; or
birds use them to fly
Various types of _______ are made of grapes
Husbands and _______
These crash along the sea shore
Speaks wildly or incoherently
Clue5-letter words
Gives this quiz five stars
Entryways to yards in fences
Many quizzes, or _______, are published on Sporcle
First name of Starcraft protagonist Raynor; or
Peter, _______, and John
Curved pieces attached to the collar of a draft horse
_______ and have-nots
A planet in the Starcraft universe; or
a place of safety of refuge
A terran flying detector; or
a large crow
A fashion expert
A small rug + _______-dash (width of 'n')
Dispenses or allots justice
A person of mixed American Indian and Euro-American ancestry
A foreigner living in ancient Greece with some citizenship privileges
A terran healing unit

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