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Historical EventYear
Columbus reaches the Americas
Joan of Arc lifts the siege of Orléans
or 500 years before Wall Street crash, beginning Great Depression
Sophocles's 'Oedipus the King' premiered
or 2 years before Council of Ephesus
End of the Greco-Persian Wars (B.C.)
or 80 years after death of Cyrus the Great (B.C.)
Julius Caesar murdered by Brutus, et al. (B.C.)
or a two-digit multiple of 11
End of the Peloponnesian War (B.C.)
or 1400 years before Napoleon crowns himself Emperor of France
Emperors Leo I and Leo II die
or 1400 years before Impressionists' first public exhibition in Paris
Odoacer deposes the last Roman Emperor
or 1300 years before Adam Smith publishes The Wealth of Nations
First Arab siege of Constantinople begins
or a millennium before The Treaty of Westminster
Treaty of Westminster
or 18 years before Salem witch trials in Massachusetts
Siege of Leiden ends
or 42 years after Pizarro lands at Peru (Battle of Cajamarca)
Siege of Haarlem ends
or 9 years before Gregorian Calendar issued by Pope Gregory XIII
Matthew-Tyndale Bible published
or 27 years before Galileo Galilei born
Handel's Ariodante and Alcina premiered
or 5 years before start of War of the Austrian Succession
Persia becomes Iran
or 22 years before Launch of Sputnik 1
Good King Wenceslas (Vaclav) murdered
or 27 years before Otto I crowned Holy Roman Emperor
Babylonian Empire fell to Cyrus the Great (B.C.)
Hernando de Soto lands at Florida
or 6 years after Elizabeth Tudor born & Anne Boleyn becomes Queen of England
Unions of Arras and Utrecht
or 9 years after Ivan the Terrible orders massacre of inhabitants of Novgorod
Anglo-Zulu War in South Africa
or 10 years before Vincent van Gogh paints Starry Night
Thomas Edison invents the phonograph
or 5 years after Yellowstone National Park established
James Cook reaches Hawaiian Islands
or 9 years before US Constitution written
Battle of Roncevaux Pass
or 22 years before Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor
First recorded Olympic Games (B.C.)
or 23 years before founding of Rome (B.C., trad.)
Independence of USA

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