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Can you determine the more common Biblical passage of each pair? All passages are from the book of John. Type A or B for each answer.

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Phrase AorPhrase B
I am theI am he,
of this world;of my Father.
he that isHe saith unto
out of theof him that
if any manIf a man
some of themhim that sent me,
and his disciples,the chief priests
ye believe not,I am not
all things thatthis is the
Phrase AorPhrase B
the Son of man.came down from heaven,
of the feast.of his disciples;
Then said they unto him,Jesus answered them,
And said unto themAnd this is
Jesus saith unto her,Jesus saith unto him,
in the world,into the world.
and the Wordand he that
of the Jews,of the Pharisees.
that they mightthat the scripture

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