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Can you determine the more common Biblical passage of each pair? All passages are from the book of Exodus. Type A or B for each answer.

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Phrase AorPhrase B
the hooks of the pillars and their filletsside of the tabernacle
a crown of gold round about.And it shall be
And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,Thus saith the LORD God of
put to death:on the seventh day,
And the children of IsraelAaron thy brother
throughout all the land of Egyptout of Egypt.
And thou shalt make theof blue, and purple, and scarlet, and fine twined linen
of fine twined linen,and thou shalt anoint
in the morning;went out from Pharaoh:
the mercy seat.of the candlestick
the glory of the LORD;before the LORD,
And Moses and AaronMoses' father in law,
Phrase AorPhrase B
And the LORD said,And Moses said,
thou shalt notThou shalt bring
Let my people go, that they may serve mein the wilderness.
eat unleavened bread;in the land of Egypt,
the four cornersThe length of
Pharaoh king of Egypt,the elders of Israel
sockets of silverof pure gold:
stretch out thine handas the LORD commanded Moses
of one curtainof shittim wood:
and his sons,throughout your generations;
I am the LORD:I will give thee
the holy garmentsthe ark of the testimony,

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