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Dexter often brings these into work
Who does Dexter give the 'f*cking creeps'
In which world city does Dexter kill Lila
Animals don't like Dexter, especially this kind of animal
In the second season, the 'other woman' that Pascal's fiance is seeing
Name of Rita's ex husband (father of her children)
Name of Deb's boyfriend Gabriel's children's book
Where does Deb first meet Bryan Moser
Time of the day Frank Lundy always sits down for lunch
Food that Rita craves while pregnant
Name of the marina where Dexter keeps his boat
Temporarily replaces LaGuerta as Lieutenant
Resident potty mouth of Miami Metro
After he ends up back in jail, Rita's ex asks her to look for this item at her house
Names of Dexter's adopted parents
Miss 'Pardon my tits'
Exact number of cases Dexter says he's been involved in in Season 1, Ep 2.
The Cheerios man in the grocery store is a convicted
Body part that ice truck killer throws at Dexters car
Who killed Frank Lundy?
Name of Dexter's biological mother
Boy in the trunk of the car describes the man he saw (Dexter) as looking like...
Which code names do Dexter and the Ice truck killer communicate with
Trinity Killer's real name
Why is Rita perfect for Dexter?
Dexter would never hurt...
Age of all the boys Trinity kidnaps and kills
'Normal people are so...'
Rita's Halloween costume
The witness to Battista and LaGuerta getting married?
Frank Lundy's lunch of choice
Who does Dexter bring the perfect key lime pie
Deb did undercover work as a..
Dexter keeps his blood slides behind an
Cody does a school report on which country

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