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Can you name the people who played themselves in How I Met Your Mother?

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Funk legend who goes on a date with LilyWhere were we?
Super Bowl MVP who missed the game the year DougMonday Night Football
Barney's, wait for it... Dad?Showdown
She convinces Barney to give it another go with Rhonda, the Manmaker The Yips
Tough guy burger loverThe Best Burger in New York
Marshall's bathroom conscience (female)Benefits
Super hot lady who Marshall can't remember why she's famouseBenefits
Lilly's confederate in breaking up Robin and BarneyThe Routh Patch
Barney's TailorGirls versus Suits
Barney's interlocutor during the perfect weekPerfect Week
Athlete who almost jinxes Barney's perfect weekPerfect Week
Film director who sang in quartet with TedRobots Versus Wrestlers
Internet magnate who catches Barney's eyeRobots Versus Wrestlers
NY Times crossword editorRobots Versus Wrestlers
2nd host of 'Million Dollar Heads or Tails'False Positive

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