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Can you name the planets and characters from star wars by letter?

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commands the rebel attack on the 2nd death starA
bounty hunter in the 5th and 6th moviesB
honorary wookieC
swampy planet that yoda hides on D
native home planet of the ewoksE
------ the Hutt's servant in the 6th movie- Bib ______F
cyborg seperatist commander in the 3rd movieG
captain of the Millenium FalconH
droid bounty hunter in episode 5I
a hutt gangster on tatooineJ
jedi killed in the 3rd movie, has a really tall headK
son of anakin skywalkerL
carries a purple lightsaberM
planet on which the trade federation puts a blockade on in the 1st movie N
jedi master of anakinO
mother of leia and lukeP
master of obi-wan, killed by darth maulQ
blue-and-white astromech droidR
tatooine podracer and bully from the 1st movie S
count dooku's sith nameT
midget-sized people in Cloud CityU
part man part machine, anakin as a sith lordV
ewok who assists the rebels in the 6th movieW
luke's fighter that destroys the death starX
green, pointy ears, totally awesome Y
shapeshifting bounty hunter who tries to kill padme twice in the 2nd movieZ

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