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Can you name the 20 People Who Mattered in 2010?

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1Either Doing His Best In One of The Most Difficult Times In American History, Or Hitler
2Just Try Not To Think About Who Should Really Be In This Spot
3Nobody Likes A Tattletale
4Gotta Hand It To The Little ****
5His Performance In 'Payback' Still Not Getting Enough Credit
6Not Afraid To Do What The Federal Government Won't And Shouldn't
7The Brief, Shining Return Of The Classic British Gentleman
8The First Sikh Prime Minister Of...Okay, Here's What A Sikh Is
9Going To Be Pretty Tough For The Chinese Government To Kill Now
10I Think The Leader Of The World's 10th-Largest Economy Put Something In My Drink
RankPersonTitle of Article
11First Woman To Win Oscar For Best Directress
12Wait Till You See What We're Doing With This One
13A Disgrace To The Soccer-Loving Country Of America
14Could Have At Least Manned Up And Burned One Koran
15Trust Us, She Needed This Gig Real Bad
16Secretly Leading Haiti Into A Golden Age
17Responsible For The Year's Biggest Volcanic Eruption
18Concocted History's Most Extreme Plan To Get Out Of A Summer Job
19Already An NBA Champion Of Friendship
20The Lone Voice Of Reason In An Age Of Hysteria

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