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Cool guy who loves America
Angry ginger
Lying pie stealer
Rising superstar
Invented the trilogy of sadness
Woolie's favorite color
Woolie's street fighter
Pat's street fighter
Hated character in Walking Dead game
Pat had no
The Storm
He turns INVISIBLE!!!
Jerry the
The jobber of Mario games
Pat's favorite move in Chrono Trigger
Matt's pet
Matt's role model
Plauge of
Woolie's favorite class in Dark Souls
Matt's favorite country
Matt's greatest fear
Pat's greatest fear
The Japanese name of their group
Country the best friends work out of
Woolie's favorite feature on girls
Matt's future wife
Pat's favorite resident evil
Rotate your
First game in Trilogy of Sadness
Second game in Trilogy of Sadness
Third game in Trilogy of Sadness
Id tagged soldiers carry
Matt throws this into a pit
Lame it out like its
Samus likes to talk about
Friday Night
Best Silent Hill
Saturday Morning
African God of Anger
What character won the Rustlemania 2 Royal Rumble Finale

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