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What animal did the Dursleys tell Harry gave him his scar?
What can't Hermione do?
Draco can't use which monstrosity?
The Imaginary Dragon
The scarf of sexual preference says Ron is
Draco won't trade dragons with Harry because he already has a
That's in Canada
Joe Walker plays Umbridge and
Draco wants Hermione Granger and
That is a ____ Zefron poster
Goyle wants what before his slumber?
Seamus heard that a dementor died after kissing
Welcome hotties, nerds and
Calls Voldemort 'My Dark King' unnecessarily
Goyle, Crabbe, and Malfoy watch which show?
Harry doesn't want his life to be like
'Are you talking about my ___?!'
Finish the phrase: Supermegafoxy
Harry asks Dumbledore about the end of which show?
Ron and Harry's favorite Aimee Mann song?
That's not Cho Chang, that's
Goyle hears only quiet, maybe one
Who says 'AHH! GINGER!' ?

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