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HintAnswerExtra Hint
1. Main CharacterN/A
2. Main Characters FatherN/A
3. Blades of _______GOW1, COO
4. Blades of _______GOW1, GOW2, GOW3
5. Blades of _______GOW3
6. Main Characters DaughterN/A
7. First God KilledCOO
8. Main Characters Tattoo ColorN/A
9. Main Characters Tatoo ColorDid not make it into game, Special Features GOW1
10.Main Characters Half BrotherGOW3
11.Main Characters Half Brothers WeaponNemean _______
12.NarratorIdentity Revealed in GOW2
13.Second God KilledGOW
14.Carries Temple on his BackTitan
15.Carries World on his ShouldersTitan
16.On a quest to Sisters of TimeGod of War 2, Not Main Character
17.The hands of _____ could not defeat me,Quote, Main Character
18.the _______ of Fate could not hold me, Quote, Main Character
19.and YOU will not see the end of this day! I WILL have my _______Quote, Main Character
20.Name of a box, temple and key/personN/A
21.Power Main Character recieved from (Answer to 21)'s boxN/A
22.Gorgon whose head Main Character wieldsGOW1
23.Gorgon whose head Main Character wieldsGOW2
24.God whose head Main Character wieldsGOW3
25.______ WingsAcquired in GOW2
26.Mother of ZeusOnly in Cutscenes
HintAnswerExtra Hint
27.Father/Creator of (Answer 20)GOW3
28.Weapon Created by (Answer 27)GOW3
29.Rage of the _______GOW1
30.Rage of the _______GOW2
31.Rage of _______GOW3
32.Bow of _______Acquired in GOW3
33.Boots of _______Acquired in GOW3
34.Blade of _______Acquired in GOW1
35.Blade of _______Acquired in GOW2
36.Lord of the underworldN/A
37._______ of (Answer 36)N/A
38.One of the Sisters of FateStarts with L
39.One of the Sisters of FateStarts with A
40.One of the Sisters of FateStarts with C
41.First God Killed in GOW3N/A
42.Spear of _______Acquired in GOW2
43.Sex Mini Game ParticipantGOW3
44.Three Headed DogN/A
45.One of the three judges King _______Accompanied by Aeacus and Rhadhamanthus
46.Golden _______Defensive item Acquired in GOW2
47.Hera's _______The last Godly Possession to acquire in GOW3
48.God of ___Title
49.Colossus of _______First Boss of GOW2
50.The _______First Boss of GOW1
51.The _______First Boss of COO
52.Mount _______Where the Gods Live

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