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Can you name the Top 25 Simpsons Guest Stars?

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RankActorCharacter (Episode)
25.Mona Simpson (Mother Simpson)
24.Themselves (Flaming Moe's)
23.Themselves (Homerpalloza)
22.Himself (Who Shot Mr. Burns?)
21.Himself (Deep Space Homer)
20.Sam, Woody, Carla, Cliff, Norm (Fear of Flying)
19.Himself (Beyond Blunderdome)
18.David St. Hubbins, Nigel Tufnel (The Otto Show)
17.Themselves (Homer at Bat)
16.Himself (They Saved Lisa's Brain)
15.Themselves (Rosebud)
14.Coyote (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)
13.Maggie (Lisa's First Word)
RankActorCharacter (Episode)
12.Himself (When You Dish Upon a Star)
11.Himself (Marge vs. the Monorail/The Springfield Files)
10.Themselves (Lisa the Vegetarian/Brush With Greatness/Homer's Barbershop Quartet)
9.John (Homer's Phobia)
8.Artie Ziff (The Way We Was)
7.Maggie (Treehouse of Horror V)
6.Alison Taylor (Lisa's Rival)
5.Leon Kompowsky (Stark Raving Dad)
4.Themselves (Krusty Gets Cancelled)
3.Mr. Bergstrom (Lisa's Substitute)
2.Himself/Leavalle (Mayored to the Mob)
1.Hank Scorpio (You Only Move Twice)

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