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Forced Order
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''The world is changing...''Fellowship of the Ring
'Send these foul creatures into the abyss!'Return of the King
'She could do it!'Two Towers
'You look terrible.'Two Towers
'Men are weak.'Fellowship of the Ring
''You are not yourself!''Fellowship of the Ring
'Where does my allegiance lie if not here?'Return of the King
'If you would but lend me the ring.'Fellowship of the Ring
'I've put this off far too long.'Fellowship of the Ring
'You are full of surprises master baggins!'Fellowship of the Ring
'I have not the heart to tell you.'Fellowship of the Ring
'If I should return, think better of me.'Return of the King
''Find the Halfling!''Fellowship of the Ring
''A new power is rising!''Two Towers
'Looks like meats back on the menu boys!'Two Towers
''Fear...the city is rank with it.''Return of the King
'Gather the wounded, leave the dead.'Two Towers
'My point is, he's clearly overreacting!'Fellowship Of the Ring
'My line has ended!'Return of the King
''Hide here quick!''Fellowship of the Ring
'Build me an army worthy of Mordor!'Fellowship of the Ring
'What's that horrid stink?''Two Towers
'So few of you have returned.'Two Towers
'He was ambushed, by orcs.'Two Towers
'They will answer to the king of Gondor!'Return of the King
'Show no mercy, for you will recieve none.'Two Towers
'I choose a mortal life.'Return of the King
'Get out of my crops!'Fellowship of the Ring
'Not idly do the leaves of Lorien fall.'Two Towers
'But my lord, there is no such army.'Two Towers

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