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At the Dundies, Phyllis receives the 'Busiest Beaver Award'; however it is mislabeled as the '____ Beaver Award'The Dundies
When Michael believes he is trouble for sexual harassment he vows to never joke again. However he breaks his vow when Jim forces him to say '____ ____ ____ ____!'Sexual Harassment
For the Office Olympics, Kevin contributes the game 'who can put the most ____ in their mouth.'Office Olympics
After starting a fire in the office, ____ is known as 'The Fire Guy.'The Fire
Michael leaves it to the last day (Halloween) to fire one person and after many failed attempts, Creed convinces him to fire ____.Halloween
After Michael beats him in a fight at the dojo, Dwight changes his emergency contact from 'Michael Scott' to '____ ____.'The Fight
While Michael is out at a client meeting, Pam finds his screenplay of '____-____ ____.' The Client
On performance review day, Jim, with the help of Pam, convince Dwight that it is ____.Performance Review
At his improv class, Michael keeps resorting to using a(n) ____ because 'you can't top it. You just can't.'E-mail Surveillance
Disappointed in his oven mitt from Phyllis, Michael introduces '____ ____'Christmas Party
On the Booze Cruise, 'Captain Jack' puts Dwight in charge of the ____ ____.Booze Cruise
Fill in the BlankAnswerEpisode
Michael feels under-appreciated after injuring his foot on a ____ ____ ____.The Injury
Michael bring Jim to Hooters in an attempt to cheer him up and tells him he should order ____.The Secret
Originally thinking it was a 'hate crime,' Michael finds 'the package' left in his office hilarious when he finds out it was left by ____ ____.The Carpet
After Michael is excluded from Jan's 'Women in the Workplace' seminar, Michael creates his own seminar at which the warehouse workers decide to try and start a(n) ____.Boys and Girls
On Valentine's Day, Angela surprises Dwight with a(n) ____.Valentine's Day
Jim helps Dwight with his speech by giving him tips taken from a speech given by Italian dictator ____.Dwight's Speech
After making friends with some of the kids, Michael says that he wants to be married and have a ____ kids so he can have a ____ friends, and no one can say no to being his friend.Take Your Daughter to Work Day
Claiming he is trying to make Kevin feel better, Michael takes the office to the ____ ____.Michael's Birthday
After setting up an office urine test, Dwight calls Linda to see if she remembers testing his urine a few years ago. She does, because it was ____.Drug Testing
While creating ID badges, Jim labels Dwight as a security threat and changes his middle name from Kurt to ____.Conflict Resolution
Looking through audition tapes for Pam's wedding band, Jim and Pam discover Kevin plays in a band called ____.Casino Night

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