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Jim encases Dwight's stapler in ____.Pilot
Michael pretends to fire Pam for stealing ____.Pilot
In an attempt to upstage Mr. Brown's racial diversity seminar, Michael creates his own seminar under the name '___ ___'Diversity Day
Michael assigns everybody an index card with a different race on it. There is no card for ___ because it would be 'too soon.'Diversity Day
Michael assigns Dwight the task of creating a new health care plan. When Dwight hands out anonymous illness forms, Jim and Pam write ___ ___ on their formsHealth Care
Michael promises the office a surprise and when a free trip to Atlantic City fails he returns to the office with __-___ ___.Health Care
When Dwight asks him to join an alliance, Jim responds with '____, ____ ____.'The Alliance
Not realizing it was per mile, Michael donates $____ to Oscar's nephew's walk-a-thon.The Alliance
Assuming he must be good at basketball, Michael chooses ____ to join the team.Basketball
After losing the basketball game, Michael tells the office they don't have to come in Saturday because it's not 'like coming in an extra day will prevent us from being ____.'Basketball
A 'hot girl' named Katy comes to the office to sell ____, and sells one to Dwight.Hot Girl
To impress the 'hot girl' Katy, Michael spends the $1000 top sales representative prize on a(n) ____ machine.Hot Girl

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