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Can you name the Countries Represented In WSOP ME 2008 (Final 666)?

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Highest FinishCountryHighest Player
1stPeter Eastgate
2ndIvan Demidov
3rdDennis Phillips
5thScott Montgomery
22ndToni Judet
25thNicklas Flisberg
33rdJamal Kunbuz
38thFelix Osterland
46thDavid Saab
55thRafael Caiaffa
62ndGeert Jans
71stJames McManus
75thKeith Hawkins
81stDavor Lanini
88thSanteri Valikoski
89thJose Barbero
93rdMarkus Feurle
96thAditya Agarwal
106thStephan Hornet
Highest FinishCountryHighest Player
149thCharalampos Tsaoussis
152ndPatrick Zamarian
167thMao Qiu
181stDiren Yildiz
188thPeter Traply
207thJose Baeza
211thHyon Kim
223rdJose Gomez
241stSigurd Eskeland
245thZiv Bachar
279thPhidias Georgiou
288thJiri Hlavaty
306thMichelle Sainz
314thDragoslav Timarac
316thAndre Johnstone
404thDiogo Borges
459thDenys Drobyna
530thKim Wooka
533rdRory Chinn

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