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QUIZ: Can you name the Gin by the Bottle?

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Clear rectangular. Square shouldered. Black cursive screen-printed description. Black cap. Dark apothecary-style. Beige diamond label. Cork stopper. Light green rounded, Tapering to the base. Copper cap. Label depicting a tall-ship. Clear, tapering slightly to the shoulder. Cream label around the lower body. Cream screw-top. Blue rectangular. Screw-top. Clear faceted, in the shape of a pear-cut diamond. Black and pink label. Clear round squat. Red and yellow label featuring a baobab tree. Dark round bottle, tapering to the base, featuring a spiked collar. Tall rectangular with a red-tinted base. Embossed leaf design. Tall dark, tapering to the base. Angled white label. Cork stopper. Tall green faceted. Tapering slightly to the base. Silver cap. On the face, a plastic red wax seal and silver ribbon. Clear rectangular, tapering to the base. Square shouldered. Tall black cap. Clear round, slightly concave sides. Silver cap. Green label depicting bunches of grapes. Tall clear rectangular. Screw cap. Plain rectangular label in type-writer font face. Green rounded-rectangular. White screw cap. White label with cursive script around body. Embossing below the label. Brown apothecary bottle. Round shouldered. Thin neck. Broad lip. Cork stopper with metal girdle. Clear, tapering slightly to the shoulder. Screen-printed label featuring an island in Lake Michigan. Cork stopper. Squat round blue-tinted tapering to the shoulder. Square shouldered. Tall plastic screw-cap with four ridges.
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