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How long has it been since Dash's parents have spoken?
Name one of the books Dash has to find in the Strand
What was on the mittens that Dash had to find at Macy's?
Name one thing that either Dash or the bed salesman found under the pillows at Macy's
How old did Dash tell Santa's elf he was?
What is 'Boomer' short for?
Which movie did Dash and Boomer see at the movie theater?
What did Dash and Boomer use old skiing hats for in the first grade?
Which wax figure did Dash have to leave the notebook by?
Who does Dash keep running into on his 'Lily chase'?
What did Dash tell Lily he wanted for Christmas?
What is Boomer's real name?
Where did Dash Priya that he was supposed to go?
What word does Dash ook up in his dictionary before going to bed?
What is Dash's full name (and what his dad calls him)?
Name one of Dash's Jewish friends from the club that he sent Lily to
What did Lily leave at the club?
What color alert was Dash according to the group of moms?
What treat did Dash and Lily make in Boomer's aunt's kitchen?
What color is Lily's Moleskine notebook?
Which verse of Christmas carols does only Lily remember?
What is Lily's brother's name?
What is his boyfriend's name?
What shoes does Lily always wear?
What does Lily do when in doubt?
Which movie does Lily find the note on at the video store attached to Two Boots?
Which movie did Dash send Lily to see?
Name one cookie flavor that Lily left for Dash
How old was Lily when her gerbil died?
What was Lily's nickname at school?
What is the name of Lily's Grandpa's cat?
Who was Lily named after?
Where do Lily's parents go for Christmas?
What did Lily tell Dash she wanted for Christmas?
What nickname does Lily's family use for her?
What is the name of Lily's cousin that works at the Strand?
Who killed Lily's gerbil?
What was the name of the dog that Marc wanted Lily to walk?

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