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A number entered in the worksheet?
Uniform Resource Locator, or the address of a page on the Web?
A picture used to represent a feature or command?
A feature that causes text to move automatically from the end of one line to the beginning of the next line?
A group of software programs sold as a single unit. Usually the programs have common features that make it easy to integrate and share data?
In Access, a component of a database file, such as a table or report. Also, a picture or element that can be positioned and sized independently from the other text or data in a doc
A program used to locate and view Web pages?
The window in which you are currently working?
Increase the size of a window to fill the desktop?
Icons, buttons, and other items that are part of an on-screen interface?
Decrease the size of the document as it is displayed on-screen. This does not affect the actual size of the printed document?
Shift the displayed area of the document up,down, left, or right?
A taskbar button that represents all open windows for one application?
Increase the size of the document as it is displayed on-screen. This does not affect the actual size of the printed document?
A document stored on the World Wide Web?
Text in the first row or column of a worksheet that identifies the type of data contained there?
An element of Office 2007 on which buttons and icons for accessing commonly-used commands display?
Reduce a window to a button on the taskbar?
A program used to search for content on the Web?
A row of buttons used to select features and commands?
A number entered in the worksheet as a label, not as a value?
Return a window to the size and position it was in before being maximized?
A standard setting or mode of operation?

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