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Can you name the answers to these questions on Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead (Warhammer)?

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Country of birth?
Became ruler and high priest of which city?
Was taugth to manipulate the winds of magic by...?
Was the creator of which type of sorcery?
Claimed the throne by murdering his brother called...?
Constructed this piece of architecture to enhance and store his power
He recorded his knowledge in these nine tomes
These tomes were made of this material
And they were, of course, written in...?
Who was Nagash' most prominet lieutenant?
Nagash was eventually dethroned by an army led by the ruler of which city?
Where did he flee to?
...where he found vast quantities of...?
...which was also coveted by the many resident...?
Here he commanded his undead minions to build his stronghold...?
He began his revenge by corrupting which river?
...which has since changed its name to...?
He then laid waste to his homeland with a mighty incantation called...?
He raised his former countrymen from death, thereby creating which Warhammer army?
Nagash was first slain by?
He was slain for the second time by?
He turned Queen Neferata into the first of the...?
Is he the biggest badass in Warhammer?

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