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Poster style in Europe in late 1800sEuropean Modernist Illustration
'Object Poster'European Modernist Illustration
1890s poster designersEuropean Modernist Illustration
Priester MatchesEuropean Modernist Illustration
Opel PosterEuropean Modernist Illustration
Koloman Moser studentEuropean Modernist Illustration
German designer in WWIEuropean Modernist Illustration
Britons Want You PosterEuropean Modernist Illustration
Uncle Sam CreatorEuropean Modernist Illustration
Illustrator during peak yearsEuropean Modernist Illustration
Good Housekeeping cover designerEuropean Modernist Illustration
1936 Olympics, suit store adEuropean Modernist Illustration
Daily Herald airplanes yellow abstractEuropean Modernist Illustration
Ocean Liner, CCA Poster, Paris paperEuropean Modernist Illustration
London Underground PostersEuropean Modernist Illustration
Int'l System of Typographic Picture EducationThe New Typography
Began movement, wrote the new typographyThe New Typography
Designed the font Gill SansThe New Typography
Designed the font FuturaThe New Typography
Designed Times New Roman for London TimesThe New Typography
Elementary pictograph system to show dataThe New Typography
Made London Underground color coded mapThe New Typography
Typotekt, 1927-28 book jacket, no trainingThe New Typography
Druksel prints, ran firm, typographic illustrationsThe New Typography
Life the Inner Principle, positive/negative spaceThe New Typography
Swiss Skiing Poster, designed for swiss tourism officeThe New Typography
Rural Electrification Committee, innovator, incorporated European ideasThe Modern Movement in America
Russian, Harper's Bazaar Covers, art deco styleThe Modern Movement in America
Art Director for Vogue, Vanity Fair, House and GardenThe Modern Movement in America
Art Director for Harper's Bazaar, lots of white spaceThe Modern Movement in America
From Vienna, Navy recruitment posterThe Modern Movement in America
Our Allies Need Eggs; immigrantThe Modern Movement in America
Created by Herbert BayerThe Modern Movement in America
Production: America's Answer; immigrantThe Modern Movement in America
Design Decade, rulers and triangle posterThe Modern Movement in America
Founded Container Corporation of AmericaThe Modern Movement in America
Founded ITS, mentored artistsInt'l Typographic Style/ Swiss Design
Black/Red Buro Poster, de stijl principlesInt'l Typographic Style/ Swiss Design
Swiss Architect: Develop art on basis of mathematical thinkingInt'l Typographic Style/ Swiss Design
Swiss Designer, grand prix poster, abstractionInt'l Typographic Style/ Swiss Design
German, illustrate processes and behaviorsInt'l Typographic Style/ Swiss Design
Created Univers in 1954 with 21 fontsInt'l Typographic Style/ Swiss Design
Created HelveticaInt'l Typographic Style/ Swiss Design
Designed Palatino, Melior, and OptimaInt'l Typographic Style/ Swiss Design
Basel School of Design teacher, legibility/readabilityInt'l Typographic Style/ Swiss Design
Taught at Basel, Giselle poster, evolved graphic languageInt'l Typographic Style/ Swiss Design
Objective photography and sans serif font juxtaposed togetherInt'l Typographic Style/ Swiss Design
Der Film poster, giant hand with car poster, universal graphic expression through impersonal presentationInt'l Typographic Style/ Swiss Design
350+ book covers for McGraw Hill, Vivaldi album coverInt'l Typographic Style in America
Design Services Office put forward innovative typography; Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyInt'l Typographic Style in America
Director of MIT Design Services Office, MIT Open House 4.13.74Int'l Typographic Style in America
MIT automatic drawing, composition by chanceInt'l Typographic Style in America
MIT type/design director, sociology is design considerationInt'l Typographic Style in America
MIT, logo designer, runs NYC design firmInt'l Typographic Style in America
Freely invented shapes have self-contained life, X-Mas Barbed Wire PosterThe New York School
Book jacket designerThe New York School
18th/19th century engraving as design aesthetic, rock and roll album cover, letter combinations posterThe New York School
The Man With the Golden Arm, Exodus poster, unified graphic materials for filmsThe New York School
Man in suit with heart for headThe New York School
Seventeen cover, magazine art director for many women's magazinesThe New York School
The Forty-Winks Reducing Plan, Mccalls' PatternsThe New York School
Magazine art director, Bazaar cover with woman and glassThe New York School
Art Director of Rampart's, Rampart's cover with playing cardsThe New York School
Ms. Magazine cover with pink/yellowThe New York School
Volkswagen Beetle posterThe New York School
Typographic genius of his time, mother&child, Marilyn Monroe spreadThe New York School
Bad Boy of American Mass Comm, Muhammed Ali Esquire CoverThe New York School
Italian; designed for Olivetti for 31 years, graphic metaphors for technological processesCorporate Identity and Visual Systems
Columbia Broadcasting SystemCorporate Identity and Visual Systems
Art Director for CBS, designed the eye logoCorporate Identity and Visual Systems
First famous black designer, CBS on-air graphicsCorporate Identity and Visual Systems
Took over CBS art direction in 1959Corporate Identity and Visual Systems
Designed many corporate logos, famous designerCorporate Identity and Visual Systems
Designed many corporate logos, exodus posterCorporate Identity and Visual Systems
Need for integrated design, controlled visual expression of corporate personalityCorporate Identity and Visual Systems
German, 1972 Munich Olympics, mathematical, Lufthansa AirlinesCorporate Identity and Visual Systems
US Dept of Labor resign in 1974Corporate Identity and Visual Systems
1977 designed Unigrid system for US Parks DeptCorporate Identity and Visual Systems
Universal Transportation SymbolsCorporate Identity and Visual Systems
Int'l Sporting Event every 4 YearsCorporate Identity and Visual Systems
1968 Mexico City Olympics designer, created pictographs for events, incorporated cultural identityCorporate Identity and Visual Systems
1984 LA Olympics, designed a 'parts kit' for other designers to use and maintain unityCorporate Identity and Visual Systems
Designed MTV Logo, began age of motion graphicsCorporate Identity and Visual Systems

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