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Eastern end of the San Francisco Bay Bridge 
Chicago suburb, home of Frank Lloyd Wright 
Tennessee city used as a base for the Manhattan Project 
Ohio city and college of the same name 
3rd-largest city in Denmark, named for a Norse god 
Ventura County town where the Bionic Woman was from 
Junction of the N and S branches of the Trans-Siberian Railway 
6th-largest city in Utah 
Joan of Arc is the 'Maid' of this town 
Wisconsin home of a children's clothing maker 
Regions and Countries
Southern Mexican state whose capital shares its name 
Region whose 'countries of' quiz is the least-played of its kind 
Only country that fits this quiz 
California locale for a Fox TV drama 
The East 
Oklahoma location named in 2008 Tony- and Pulitzer-winning play title 
What an Austrian calls Austria 
Its capital was Constantinople 
Name for rural Australia 
Known as 'mountains', this Missouri-Arkansa region is really a plateau 
Capital on Puget Sound 
Capital of Aruba 
Northernmost American capital 
Capital of Burkina Faso 
Honolulu is on it 
Russian island named for a 1917 uprising 
Scottish archipelago whose largest island is called Mainland 
North Carolina's barrier-island tourist destination 
Bodies of Water
Germany-Poland border river 
Georgia-Florida swamp, home to Pogo 
Famous geyser 
Venezuela river in an Enya song 
Where Ambrose Bierce's 'Occurrence' occurred 
Major Ukrainian port (and a city in Texas) 
Algeria's 2nd-largest city, setting of Camus' 'The Plague' 
Japan's 3rd-largest city 
It was formerly known as Christiania 
Belgium's largest port 
Historical Sites 1
Japanese island controlled by the U.S. in WWII 
Tanzanian ravine known as The Cradle of Mankind 
Mountain home of the Greek Gods 
Gold, Sword, Juno, Utah, ___ 
Historical Sites 2
Major 19th Century emigration route in the U.S. 
The southern half of this region voted for independence from Georgia in 2006 
Site of the oldest university in the English-speaking world 
Long Island home of Teddy Roosevelt 

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