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Can you name the board or card game, given the 'object of the game' from its instructions?

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Object of the GameGame
The object of the game is to become the wealthiest player through buying, renting and selling property.
Be the first player to reach square #100.
The object of the game is to move through [name of game] along the path of colored spaces.
To conquer the world by occupying every territory on the board, thus eliminating all your opponents.
To win, you must determine the answers to these three questions: Who done it? Where? and with What Weapon?
As soon as one Great Power controls 18 supply centers, it is considered to have gained control of Europe.
The first player to achieve or exceed his own Success Formula is the winner of the game.
Be the first player to get four of your colored checkers in a row--horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
The object of the game is to be the first team to move clockwise around the board and into [name of game] Central™, where your team will attempt its final activity for the win!
To win a player (or team) returns to the hexagonal hub and correctly answers the game-winning question in a category chosen by the other players.
Quickly fill out a category list with answers that begin with the same letter. Score points if no other player matches your answers.
The object of the game is to capture your opponent's flag.
The player who first gets to Dr. Possum's Office, No. 151, wins the game.
Object of the GameGame
Roll dice for scoring combinations, and get the highest total score.
To outflank your opponent and flip your opponent's discs to your color, ending up with the majority of discs on the board in your color.
To be the player who has acquired the largest fortune in paintings and cash at the end of the game.
Be the last uncaptured mouse on the gameboard to win.
Be the first to sink all 5 of your opponent's ships.
To list, within 3 minutes, as many words of the highest point value as you can find among the random assortment of letters in the cube grid.
The last player to stack a block without making the tower fall wins the game!
If your number comes up, you have become a MILLIONAIRE TYCOON, the WINNER, and the game is over.
Answer questions correctly, and be first to reach the diploma at the head of the Final Exam classroom.
If you have 10 or more victory points during your turn the game ends and you are the winner!
To identify through sketched clues as many words as necessary to advance to the finish square.
When you reduce your opponent to 0 life by attacking with creatures and playing spells, you win!
The object is to build a balanced pile of blocks without causing it to tumble.

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