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Can you name the Premier League teams (all-time) from the clues unrelated to the Premiere League?

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ClueTeam# of Letters
Storehouse for military equipment7
___ Martin + Italian country house5 5
Farm buildings + Spanish for 'law'8
Largest metropolis in Alabama10 (4)
Ebony + char + common dogs' names9 6
Not white + natatorium9
Singer Michael + character in a Dion song, et al.6 9
Submarine-style pitcher Chad8 (4)
Make a CD + arable land for grazing7
Actor Heston + Oakland ballplayer8 8
Famous Clinton7
Group of witches + attempt8 (4)
Either of two 1850s buildings, one in NY, one in London (both destroyed by fire)7 6
Felt hat + Chicago's is Cook5 6
Tennis great Chris + not off7
Suffix meaning 'containing a lot of' + deli meat6
Part of a seed or boat4 (4)
Massachusetts town famous for clams7 (4)
The Who's 'Live at ___' + brought together5 6
Da Vinci's Codex ___, now owned by Bill Gates9 (4)
Largest internal organ + snooker cousin9
'Midnight Blue' singer Melissa10 (4)
Largest city in New Hampshire + Second-largest airline by # of passengers10 6
ClueTeam# of Letters
Center + antimony + golf course terrain13
Brown ale produced by Heineken + married9 6
Connecticut birthplace of Benedict Arnold7 (4)
Sheriff of ___ + Sherwood ___10 6
Fashion designer Todd + ___ supporter6 8
Certain sweet wines + beginning of the digestive system10
NYC borough + Smokey the Bear, et al.6 4 7
One of the three Rs7
Nine-time All-Star Gary + first word in three country names9 6
'Love is a Mix Tape' author Rob + Addams family daughter9 9
Prestigious Long Island community11
Stir up, as a fire5 (4)
Separate violently + Polaroid founder Edwin10
Avian form taken by Zeus + territory of Poseidon7
Cash of the WNBA + Chaney of the NBA7 (4)
Child + X + overactor + Prince Hal rival9 7
Thai Buddhist temple + man who killed Jesse James7
Not east + trainer of Eragon + suffix for 'coast town' + Britain, poetically4 8 6
Adam who played Batman + one of Noah's sons + __ Technologies4 3 6
Pier in an Orwell title + an A in NCAA5 8
Noted tennis venue9
One who scarfs down food (var.) + ___ Court (Palace) + 'The ___' (1979 film)13 9

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