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ClueWord or phraseDouble letters
African-American winter festivalAA
Quarterback for the Philadelphia EaglesBB
Band that had a hit with 'I'm Not In Love'CC
1979 Sondheim protagonist, played by Johnny Depp in 2007 filmDD
Ape that is the closest living relative to humansEE
Thin-sliced meat dish with a sour-cream sauceFF
Chinese tile game with stones, bamboos and charactersGG
'Be quiet!'HH
Forearm bones; spokes, for exampleII
The pilgrimage to MeccaJJ
White supremacy groupKK
Sport for May-Treanor and WalshLL
Surname of famous German folklorist brothersMM
ClueWord or phraseDouble letters
Airplane turn consisting of a half-loop and half-rollNN
Yiddish word meaning to drag or haulPP
Abbreviation meaning 'and those following'QQ
To prepare (eggs) by bakingRR
Early form of the shotgunSS
Rumor or gossipTT
Long loose dress of Hawaiian originUU
Abbr. for 'verses'VV
Labor union known as the WobbliesWW
Sanford and Son starXX
One of the seven United Arab Emirates (var.)YY
Exciting or attractive quality; vitalityZZ

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