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Can you name the expert classical music terms by definition, one for each letter of the alphabet?

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Adjective meaning 'composed through chance procedures'A
Written in two keys at onceB
Literally 'fixed song': a melody used as the basis for a polyphonic compositionC
Adjective referring to 12-tone musicD
In brass and woodwind playing, the mode of application of the lips to the mouthpieceE
Two-word phrase describing a chord where the third is placed in the bassF
Acciaccatura or appoggiatura, e.g.G
Specific male voice type with power and a wide range, typical of many Wagnerian rolesH
Mode equivalent to a major scaleI
'___ intonation': tuning to a single scale, as distinguished from 'equal tempered' tuningJ
Named for the botanist who first cataloged Mozart's works, one of these is assigned to each of themK
Seventh degree of a major scale, which tends to move upwards to the tonicL
Traditional Polish dance introduced into concert music by ChopinM
'Not too much'N
Term indicating a usually simplified alternative version of a musical passageO
Term applied to a major chord appearing at the end of a minor-key pieceP
Literally, 'what pleases': a composition made up of popular tunes or fragments thereofQ
Referring to a decorative musical style, such as that of CouperinR
Light soprano taking rather pert roles in opera and operettaS
Interval known as 'diabolus in musica' (the devil in music)T
Name for 'do' in original system developed by Guido d'ArezzoU
Term applied to the 'realistic' school of Italian operaV
Brass instrument, similar to a horn, invented for 'Der Ring des Nibelungen'W
Hybrid wooden percussion instrument with five-octave rangeX
Spanish operatic form in which music is intermingled with spoken dialogueZ

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