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Can you name the classical music terms by definition, one for each letter of the alphabet?

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Sung without accompanimentA
Male voice between tenor and bassB
A flourish, usually improvised, inserted into the final section of a vocal aria or instrument soloC
'Repeat from the beginning'D
In sonata form, the first section of a composition, in which the themes are presentedE
Loud, strongF
Running a finger up or down a series of notes (as on a harp or piano)G
A combination of notes, such as a chordH
The distance between two notes (e.g., C-F, a fourth)I
A rustic Irish dance, often used as part of a suiteJ
The set of sharps or flats written at the beginning of each staffK
Literally, 'little book', the text of a vocal work, particularly operaL
The changing from one key to another in the course of a piece of musicM
A note that is neither flat nor sharpN
Literally, 'work'; a word used, followed by a number, for the numbering of a composer's worksO
Quick, fastP
Piece of music for five playersQ
Gradually slowing downR
Method of playing in which the notes are short and detachedS
The speed at which a piece of music is performedT
Conductor's gesture which precedes the beginning of a measureU
A performer of exceptional skillV
A dance in 3/4 timeW
Literally, 'wood sound'X
Austrian stringed folk instrument, used for 'local color' in operetta scoresZ

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