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Can you name the James Bond film, given a gadget used in it?

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Forced Order
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GadgetFilm Title
Aston Martin DB5 with revolving license plates, bulletproof shield, ejector seat, smoke-screen and oil slick sprayers
Aston Martin DBS V12 with high-tech first-aid kit and portable defibrillator
Aston Martin Vantage Volante with hubcap laser, missile launcher, retractable skis and tire spikes, self-destruct system
Bell Rocket Belt
Briefcase containing AR-7 rifle, 50 gold sovereigns, tear gas cartridge, throwing knife
BMW 750 il with cell-phone remote control, front and rear LCD monitor, rockets, high-voltage security
Electromagnetic slot machine controller
Exploding ball-point pen armed (and disarmed) by three clicks in succession
Geiger counter
Gondola that transforms into a hovercraft
Gyroplane codenamed 'Little Nellie'
Handheld yo-yo buzzsaw
Industrial yo-yo buzzsaw attached to a helicopter
Lotus Esprit convertible for submarine use, with cement blaster, torpedoes, surface-to-air missiles
One-shot pistol assembled from pen, cigarette lighter, cigarette case and cufflink
Radioactive lint
Razor-sharp butterflies attached to a fishing pole
Remote-controlled helicopter
Rolex watch with electromagnet and rotating saw
Sniper gun disguised as a camera, with identification scanner built into the grip
Sony Ericsson cellphone with built-in identification imager tied to MI6 database
Vehicle cloaking device using high-tech imaging

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