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Brian's Keyboard is named what?
Dies on motorcycle
Is in Jail Cell for fps game in Season 3
School The Law goes to at end of Season 2
What is in the fridge of Teacher's Lounge?
Captain of JV
Main Character eats this in Season 1
Calhoun is allergic to what?
What did Brian kill Law with in Season 1 Ep. 1
Item Brian smacks out of Calhouns hand on L33TMAS
Red Hair Character
Brian's Mouse is called what?
Wears Fedoras
What flag does Brian's team have in Season 1 Ep. 1
Kissed Ted Wong in Season 2
Short DescriptionName
Ate Cereal out of Backpack
Student Council President
Brian's Enemy in Season 1
Main Characters Best Friend
Ki's first name
Color of The Law's guns
What does Brian call Ted at L33TMAS
Favorable melee weapon of Brian
Died for the Law in Season 2
Cat's Name
Game in Jenny's garage
Main Character's name
Title of the Show Law went on in Season 1
What type of gamer is Ted?
In what season does Ted beat Drift King?

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