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Can you name the Location of Revolutions that Occured During the Cold War Era?

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Forced Order
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The Nationalists are defeated from the north in 1949
Widespread riots in 1978 send the Shah packing in favor of the Ayatollah
500,000 non-violent protesters flood this country's historic capital in what is later dubbed the 'Velvet Revolution'
A communist offshoot siezes power in 1975 and heads down an ill-concieved path toward 'utopia,' that leads its people into the countryside and the 'killing fields'
This sub-Saharan colony becomes a cold war 'hot-zone' in 1961, and gains a bittersweet independence with the unsuccesful Alvor Agreement of 1975
The 26th of July movement gives the Soviets a friend near America's shores
Holy warriors with American weapons turn this region into the Soviet Union's 'Vietnam'
The Solidarity Movement and worker strikes lead to free elections in 1989
Ill-fated revolutionaries in this country bear the brunt of the Brezhnev Doctrine in 1956
Ceausescu's heavy handed tactics in the massacre at Timisoara lead quickly to the collapse of his dictatorship
Three major powers were pushed out of this region between 1945 and 1975
Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas sieze power here in 1979, much to the chagrin of the United States
The MNLA, comprised mainly of ethnic Chinese, embrace communism and guerilla tactics in a costly struggle against the Commonwealth
A communist coup d'etat ousts a 'messianic' Emperor; government repression, civil war, and famine follow
CIA backed rebels fight against socialist reform and outside rule; the result is much bloodshed and the exile of a holy man

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